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Meso-Ameri Chipotle Salsa

Meso-Ameri Chipotle Salsa


Our Meso-Ameri Chipotle Salsa has a fiery kick, made with whole smoked chipotle chillies! Spicier than the Harissa, it is also superbly smoky and tangy. The perfect compliment for tacos, fajitas and more! It will definitely add depth of flavour to any dish.


A delectable recipe with 15 carefully selected natural and fresh ingredients that are hand blended - celebrating the Latin and Native cuisine of MesoAmerica (Mexico and nearby central American countries).


The aromas and flavours are a delicious fusion of Native & Latin ingredients. Long before the Spanish arrived in the Americas, the Native Mesoamericans (Aztecs, Mayans) gave us ingredients like the Chipotle Chilli, Honey, and Tomatoes. Whilst the Spanish settlers brought with them ingredients like Limes, Garlic and Paprika.


The paste is handcrafted; crushed, mashed and blended in a mortar and pestle to really bring out flavour.


Our Meso-Ameri Chipotle Salsa is the paste to make your cooking quicker and easier, without losing quality and taste. It will add richness, depth and fiery heat to your favorite dishes and can be used as a marinade, cooking paste, or dip. It’s destined to become the product your kitchen pantry can’t be without!



  • A creative cooking sauce for tacos, fajitas and chilli con carne
  • A majestic marinade for meat, fish and vegetables
  • A brilliant baste for BBQs and grills
  • A delicious dip for nachos, fries, and more
  • A splendid spread for toast and sandwiches


Tell us how you like to use it!


    Nutritional Information Per 100g


    Calories                                 158Kcals
    Fat                                          12.6g
    of which Saturates                1.3g
    Carbohydrates                      7.5g
    of which Sugars*                   7.5g
    Fibre                                       4.1g
    Protein                                   2.6g
    Salt                                         2.2g


    *The sweetness in our paste is primarily from two sources; natural honey and freshly squeezed orange juice - a healthier alternative!


    Delivered to your door within 3-5 working days. 


    Delivery cost FREE when you buy 3. Otherwise £3.00


    Our ingredients are 100% natural with no artificial preservatives. Each spoonful of Chipotle Salsa is packed with aromatics, flavours and goodness from the range of the quality ingredients used below...


    Chipotle Chillies (10%), Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Bell Pepper, Fresh Lime Juice, Fresh Garlic, Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil, Fresh Orange Juice, Natural Honey, Organic Vinegar, Smoked Paprika, Coriander Seeds, Salt, Dried Coriander, Mexican Oregano, Cumin

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