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Use our Pastes to make Delicious, Healthy Meals


Birria tacos are extremely popular! They are usually made with beef or lamb that is stewed slowly until the meat is fall apart. The juices from the stew are then used to fry the tortillas in and also pour over the tacos to provide lip smacking flavour!

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Birria Tacos 

Loaded Nachos


Who doesn't love a plate of nachos when watching a movie or to get the weekend started?! A very recent Mexican dish believed to have derived from the city of Piedras Negras. Cheese, veg or meat smothered in Chipotle Salsa sauce & crunchy Nachos. All set!

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Quesadilla is a brilliant quick fix, but still feels like an elaborate meal! Veg or non veg, with peppers, red onions and a few teaspoons of Chipotle Salsa are placed between two tortillas, layered with cheese and grilled to create a heavenly melted parcel!

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Roasted Veg Tacos


Tacos don't need to have meat to taste good! Why not use up your veggies in your fridge and roast them with a bit of olive oil and then mix in some Chipotle Salsa to create a tantalising meal! This is filling, fun and fortunately...healthy for the whole family!

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Asada Tacos


For those that love steak and lean grilled meat - this is the one for you! Simply put... this is basically a Chipotle flavoured steak wrapped in tortillas and topped with a few garnishes. Why not turn steak night into something a bit different...

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Breakfast Burritos 


When we tell you this is filling...believe us! A wrap packed with rice, beans and egg or your favourite veg/vegan option. This is a meal that is great for a weekend breakfast or brunch. The Chipotle Salsa gives the burrito a smoky, tangy and spicy depth!

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Seafood Fajitas


Fajitas is where I fell in love with Mexican food. There is nothing like the sound of a sizzling frying pan placed on the table with seafood & peppers - packed with Chipotle goodness! Wrapped in tortillas and garnished with cheese, fresh avos & a squeeze of lime!

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