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About Us

My Name is Nina...the Founder of Cucina Bindaas!

I live in Warwickshire with my husband and baby and sincerely hope you will enjoy our pastes - empowering you to cook delicious, diverse and healthy meals......Quickly & Easily!


We create minimally processed cooking pastes that celebrate trending regional cuisines of the world. Our name - Cucina Bindaas (pronounced Bin-daas) translates to 'Boundless Kitchen' - which is our company ethos, embodied in our products - we want you to be #Bindaas in your kitchen!


Our vision is simple. To play a (small) role in helping UK families live happy and healthy lives by conveniently cooking and consuming delicious, diverse, and minimally processed meals.

Our small role? By providing delicious, vegan and minimally processed cooking pastes that use the finest ingredients. We want to grow our product range to cover the most popular global cuisines to ensure there is a flavour for all, and in time ensure our product is affordable for all in the UK.


At the heart of Cucina Bindaas lies the story of my own experiences of food from childhood to now, my eye opening travels, and my obsession of studying the culinary arts - both past and present.


In this ever increasing fast paced society I noticed that my friends, colleagues and family were always looking to cook delicious, natural and exciting meals - but lacked the time. Through our pastes, we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy the cooking and eating experience in their homes - without sacrificing quality of food and their precious time!

Our pastes are minimally processed, additive free and vegan with each product boasting 15+ specially selected ingredients to create intense undiluted bursts of flavour!

Nina Khunti 


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