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Use our Pastes to make Delicious, Healthy Meals


Shawarma kebab is one of the world's most enjoyed street foods. It originates from the Levant region (specifically the Ottoman Empire - modern day Turkey). Kebab is hugely popular in the UK, however it is rarely made at home.....let's change that!

Chicken Shawarma Kebab

Chickpea Stew w/ Harissa Yoghurt


A stew usually conjures up thoughts of chunks of 'meat' in a thickened gravy. This changes in Levantine cuisine! This is a VEG stew - aromatic and flavourful on a bed of harissa yoghurt. A quick dish that is nutritious with courgettes, tomatoes & sweet peppers! 


Lamb Harissa Roast

 A good roast is the sort of comfort food we all like to congregate around and share with our loved ones amidst the hustle and bustle of a Sunday dinner. Harissa roast has a magnetism that compels us to endure the wait for that tender and succulent bite at the end!

Shakshuka Brunch

Shakshuka is probably the biggest trending brunch option at the moment! Have you tried making it at home yet? Using Levantish Harissa Paste, you can - and only in 30 mins!  It is a classic Levantine dish mixing poached eggs, tomatoes & spices. 


Harissa Roast Chicken Legs

Try a Sunday roast with a difference, or why even wait till Sunday?  Have a weekday salad with oven roast chicken legs! It's possible as Levantish Harissa Paste will speed this dish up, in 30 mins you can enjoy heavenly harissa infused tender chicken with crunchy salad!


Mediterranean Seafood Stew

A healthy and hearty dish that is popular in the Mediterranean and Middle East - where the fisherman's 'catch of the day' is used to create this splendid stew!  Slow cooked in a base of Levantish Harissa Paste, fresh tomatoes and vegetables. 


Gyros (Lamb Doner)

Gyros is the ultimate food for the soul! Pronounced 'yee-rros', it is a Greek dish with marinated meat traditionally cooked on a vertical 'spit' and shaved off. While this delicious method for preparing meat is often used in restaurants, it's not been easy to accomplish at home. That's where Cucina Bindaas comes in...

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