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Use our Pastes to make Delicious, Healthy Meals


Considered Vietnam's national dish. Pho is warm, wholesome, healthy and tasty! You can use our Mekong paste to take the hard work out of making Pho at home. A couple of spoonfuls of it mixed with stock and your choice of meat / or tofu & mushrooms!

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Mekong Curry


Our Mekong paste is a great accelerator to make delicious Thai curries, easily. We love prawn and veg Thai curries, but you can choose any ingredients really! The ginger, garlic, lemongrass, chilli, soy sauce and lime leaves deliver a great curry. Pair with warm rice!

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Veg Stir Fry Noodles

Got a wok handy? Got a jar of our Mekong paste? You are nearly good to go! Add in tofu and your favourite stir fry veggies (in a bit of oil), toss in a few spoonfuls of Mekong, and finish with noodles. Feel free to also add in fried egg at the end for extra flavour!

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Bao Buns


Brought to Vietnam by the Cantonese  - think of this as a really soft, delicious and healthy South East Asian burger! You can buy Bao Buns from your local store & then steam them, add in Mekong marinated meat/tofu with grated carrot & red cabbage!

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Mekong Pad Thai


Yes you heard us right! This is a BREAKFAST dish in Thailand. Ever so popular with tourists and locals. It is a wholesome stir fry. The main ingredients are thin rice noodles, chicken & prawn (or tofu and mushrooms for a vegan option), peanuts & bean sprouts.

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Banh Mi


Yes .... It is a baguette! The French introduced them to Vietnam during the colonial period. This is a Vietnamese sandwich with a French influence! Marinade your chosen ingredient in Mekong paste, grill & add salad & enclose in a baguette!

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Khao San Rd Skewers


Khao San Road in Bangkok is the ultimate destination for backpackers and is bustling day and night! The streets are lined with aromatic street food & skewers are seen almost everywhere! Marinade your chosen ingredient in Mekong and BBQ!

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