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Artisan Pastes. World Flavours.
Cooking Delicious, Diverse, Healthy Meals made Easy!

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Lovingly, Family Made in Warwick.  Minimally Processed.

Family Produced Artisan Pastes

Hi! I'm Nina, the Founder of Cucina Bindaas ('Boundless Kitchen'!)

We produce artisan pastes inspired by our favourite regional flavours from around the world. Perfect for use as a marinade, cooking paste, or dip. Our passion is to make cooking great meals easy! We handblend using additive free, undiluted, quality ingredients and promote sustainable packaging.


Nina Khunti 


Our Kitchen to Yours - Made with Love

Our products are vegan, undiluted and contain no artificial preservatives. Each spoonful of our pastes is packed with extra virgin oils, aromatics, natural flavours and goodness from 15+ specially selected ingredients in each - something unique!

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We pride ourselves in manually blending the paste using a mortar and pestle, this technique is used to ensure the product is created in an authentic way. The crushing motion of the mortar and pestle creates an infusion of flavours from the ingredients making the paste zesty and impactful. The inconsistency of the manual crushing also leaves you with a beautifully textured paste.


We lovingly produce and pack everything ourselves to ensure product quality and a homemade feel!

Choose from...


Gurkhali Masala - Himalayan Nepali & Indian Flavours

Flavour Profile: Packs a punch with our special blend of garam masala, tangy tomatoes, and caramelised onions in a ginger/garlic base. 

Use for: Curries, tandoori grills, a dip for samosas / bhajis  and more! 

Levantish Harissa - Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Flavours

Flavour Profile: Has a herby aroma and warming chilli heat, balanced with sweet smokiness that adds depth of flavour to any dish.


Use for: Shakshuka, shwarama kebab, or as a spread on bread and more! 

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Meso-Ameri Chipotle Salsa - Latin & Native Mesoamerican Flavours

Flavour Profile: Has a fiery kick, made with whole smoked chipotle chillies! Spicy as well as superbly smoky and tangy.

Use for: Tacos, fajitas, and a dip for nachos and more!

Mekong Pho & Fry - South East Asian Thai-Viet Flavours

Flavour Profile: Has a perfectly balanced umami, sweet and spicy taste with added aromatics of lemongrass and kafir lime leaves.

Use for: Pho, stir fries, curries, a spread for bao buns and more!


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